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Canadian Advanced Aerobatic Team:

We would like to congratulate the entire Canadian team on their dedication and hard work representing Canada at the World Advanced Aerobatics Championship!

58 pilots from around the world settled on Jean Nevada for the start of the competition on October 24th, with many teams arriving early to practice. Most of the Canadian team arrived on October 16th for a week of training before the event with team coach Aaron McCartan.

The contest started October 24th seeing 15 pilots fly the first day and a plan of 30 pilots per day after that. The contest had a few days with wind beyond the limits and no flying. With the loss of a few days of flying only the top 25 pilots flew the fourth and final flight. Three Canadians made it to the final round (Luke Penner, Jerzy Strzyz and Neil Harris)

The final standings for team Canada were:

  • Luke Penner ( 20th place )
  • Neil Harris ( 21st place )
  • Jerzy Strzyz ( 25th place )
  • Christian Baxter ( 29th place )
  • Dave Barbet ( 40th place )
  • Mark Cunningham ( 43rd place )
  • Ryan Chapman ( 44th place)
  • Miles Crane ( 45th place )
  • Jesse Mack represented Canada as an independent, as such he does not get a ranking but would have finished in 30th place, the highest scoring independent pilot at the contest.

Canada finished 4th place in the Team results. Very good guys.

You can view the full contest results HERE

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We have compiled a list of past pilots that have represented Canada on the world stage – It can be viewed HERE


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2023 Contest/Event Schedule

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The Canadian Advanced Aerobatic Team will be competing in Las Vegas at the World Advanced Aerobatic Championship November 24th – October 4th. Help them achieve their fundraising goal by donating to their GoFundMe.

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